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When it comes to chambers of commerce, business associations and not-for-profits, we are your agent. We find ROI you didn't know existed for $$ you're already spending.

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Let's start increasing your ROI for dollars you're already spending. Sponsorship marketing works, and we'll show you how.


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Business Associations

The Momentum Agency not only helps our clients find opportunities, but we help business associations find our clients. Find out how (and why).

Small Business Festival

Momentum is the Buffalo Niagara representative for the national Small Business Festival for Buffalo Niagara - Coming May 2021

Momentum Public Affairs

The Momentum Agency's parent company, Momentum Public Affairs, provides public relations and marketing services for businesses of all sizes

Welcome to Momentum - the Business Growth Agency

We get ROI for $$ you're already spending

For the bulk of companies, sponsorship dollars – which can add up quickly – are a write-off. With little ROI, they essentially fall into the category of feel-good gifts that help out organizations and events that need it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Shouldn’t be that way. Every sponsorship dollar you spend should bring back new relationships, new networks and, most importantly, new business. Let us show you how to do it.

Craig Turner, president of Momentum Public Affairs and founder of Momentum - the Business Growth Agency, spent eight years at the chamber of commerce in Western New York, and now runs three not-for-profit organizations. He’s spent a great deal of time hunting for sponsorship dollars. For our clients, Craig offers a look under the hood on how sponsorships are sold, and what you should be getting in exchange for your contributions.

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Are you getting return-on-investment from your memberships and sponsorships?

Our 5-minute self-evaluation will let you know how well your business associations are working for YOU!

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